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Created in 2020 to fill the need of a reliable solar partner for Advosy Roofing, Advosy Energy has quickly taken off to become one of the leading Solar installers in the Western United States. 

When you choose Advosy Energy you will receive premier customer service, the most efficient solar equipment on the market, and the best 25 year comprehensive warranty in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

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 Our Mission at Advosy Energy is to make solar a simple process for homeowners and businesses alike. When you take the first step and meet with one of our solar professionals, you will be impressed at their knowledge and ability to explain our hassle free process of saving you money with the power of the sun.

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We make it our priority to give our customers the best experience from start to finish. From the Initial Roof Inspection, to the day the system gets turned on. While most solar companies only focus on getting the next sale, we at Advosy strive to be different. Your only worry will be what to do with all the money you will be saving!



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When you choose to get your solar system through Advosy Energy, you’ll not only be supporting locally owned business, you’ll also be getting top of the line service as well. Check out the comparison between Advosy and the largest solar companies in the US.

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