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One year of Solar Panel Cleaning for Optimal Production!

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Earn $500 cash when your friends and family go solar!

Your Referral Means The World To Us

The biggest compliment a customer can pay us is a referral, and we will thank you via our generous referral program. We’ve had customers make thousands of dollars just from referring us to their friends and family. Once you realize how amazing of an opportunity solar is, and how good Advosy Energy is at providing it, you’ll want to share solar with everyone you know! And since Advosy Energy is able to install solar in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada, you can refer your friends across state borders too!

Partnership Opportunities:
Do you own a business?

We provide amazing referral incentives for business owners who serve home owners such as pest controllers, roofers, landscapers, electricians, and more! For every client you refer to us that gets installed, we will pay you a $150 per kilowatt of the total install! The best part is, we already have the systems in place for businesses to convert their customer base into solar customers, so you don’t have to do any of the work!

Give us a call to find out how we can work together to provide more value to your customers with solar, while also making your business more income.

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