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Solar power is the best decision particularly in Phoenix, Arizona, where the sun shines bright every day! Helping you unleash the sovereignty of the sun is what we do here at Advosy Energy. The sun is not only a renewable energy source but also an intelligent financial investment. Our solar Phoenix experts team will prepare a tailored solution to make the procedure as smooth as possible. We serve the whole city of Phoenix solar energy; from Anthem, Cave Creek, Chandler, Mesa, Goodyear, Glendale, to Scottsdale. 

Both at the state and federal levels, solar tax incentives are implemented in Arizona. Combined with energy efficiency, you will reduce your original expenditure by 30 percent-40 percent through solar panels in Phoenix AZ! Solar Phoenix team members are pleased to develop a personalized strategy for you about the benefits of Phoenix solar energy.


Thanks to the sunlight we have here and the unbelievable solar tax credits and benefits, Arizona is an ideal spot for Phoenix solar energy. Due to exemption from property tax on electrical devices, owners of the property can install renewable energy, such as photovoltaic solar panel Phoenix, free of property tax! Furthermore, solar panels Phoenix AZ installation are excluded from sales tax.

Arizona’s net metrology estimates that homes and a number of other units, such as corporations and municipalities, will supply up to 125 percent of their electricity demand for their solar power systems through net metering. Many solar companies in Phoenix offer homeowners solar, but only Advosy has your best interests at heart.¬†

Why Advosy Solar?

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Advosy energy,  the best solar company Phoenix is committed to delivering a consumer experience that goes beyond expectations with reliable solar power solutions. We treat you like family right from the moment you get your free solar quote and over the lifespan of your solar system. Our solar company Phoenix collaborators will be happy to accompany the installation and answer all your solar energy questions including electricity estimation and tax benefits!

Our Solar Energy Partners

We exclusively work with tried and tested solar equipment companies in Phoenix, such as SunPower. We are sure that these solar companies Phoenix manufacture high-quality solar inverters, solar panels and other devices while retaining reasonable prices. We work to promote local markets and ensure that we know where any commodity is manufactured and how. If there are any complications with your solar panel, our team will be out to look and get the electricity from your solar array amended as soon as possible.

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We provide for any organization in need of¬†Phoenix solar energy¬†with commercial solar technologies. We have many options for you to choose from, whether you opt for rooftop or the ground mounts; solar carports or canopies, which also give shadow in the extreme Arizona Sun. We have installed solar panels for Phoenix¬†in hospitals, historic houses, hotels, housing, and office buildings. Our staff will help forecast your annual energy compensation and investment return to help you determine if solar is your business’s best option.

In Arizona, industrial solar phoenix consumers also receive special tax incentives. A 10% tax credit by the state of Arizona, is eligible for firms transitioning to clean energy in addition to the 26% federal tax credit. Combined with the value of rapid depreciation, it will make solar investment a very wise decision for your business.


You have a variety of selections when it comes to financing the new solar panels for Phoenix AZ. Buying a solar system is the most powerful way to see a return on investment. Solar companies in Phoenix know that this is not always realistic for everyone. Via smaller recurring costs and partnering with you and your finance, financing solar will become easier to obtain. 


We assure you that you chose a perfect solar company for Phoenix if you go solar with Advosy Energy. We are qualified with years of practice to achieve the purpose safely and reliably by roofing, electrical, and dual building contractor licenses. Our business includes professional in-house developers, project and building management, and knowledgeable solar installers from quotation to completion… and even years after!

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