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Why Choose Solar?

Residential solar power is much cheaper than you might think. With 0 down financing, generous tax credits, and long lasting warranties, you decrease your carbon footprint and cost of electricity, while increasing your home’s value.

Short And Long Term Savings

A common misconception of solar is that it takes years for you to get a return on your investment. This may be true in some states that have low cost electricity and/or poor weather, but in states like Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada, a solar energy system almost always starts saving you money from day one.  

You might be wondering, how this could be possible? If you are only paying $100-200 a month for your electricity bill, how could an expensive solar energy system be cheaper than that? Well with a 0 down solar program your low fixed payment will simply be towards your loan on the system, while your power comes from the sun!

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Case Study:

The Future Of Solar Battery Storage For Phoenix Homes

John is one of the most recent homeowners to invest in his future with a home solar energy system.

Average Electric Bill Before Solar: $258 (summer high of $320, winter low of $200)

Current Average Electric Bill: $258
Monthly Solar Payment: $142
Monthly Savings: $116

Even better, John’s monthly solar payment is fixed. He won’t be subject to the utility company’s rate increases, inflation, or rising cost of fossil fuels. utility companies relying on fossil fuels typically raise their prices by of 3-4% per year. For John, his 20 year savings after adjusting for utility inflation is $59,751! The sooner you lock into a fixed solar rate, the more money you will save.

Sustainable Energy

Although most of Advosy Energy’s customers ultimately decide to go solar because of the fantastic financial savings, they are also motivated by their devotion to protect the Earth and use sustainable energy. Sustainable energy is a form of energy that never gets depleted and doesn’t put any natural resource in danger for the future. Solar power will never run out, it is easy to harness, and it is great for our environment. Solar energy has become a new beacon for the green energy movement. As of 2020, solar has been recognized as the cheapest source of electricity, surpassing wind and nuclear in terms of cost effectiveness and availability.
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Add Value to Your Home

Everyone knows that solar is a great investment for saving money, but you might be wondering how having solar will affect you when it comes time to sell your home. Well, we have good news!

A recent study conducted by Zillow shows that property with solar in the US sells for an extra 4.1% more than homes without solar. This means that if you have a $290,000 home (currently the average price in Arizona), and you invest in solar, just having the solar energy system would increase the home’s value by about $11,890.

Not only does the home sell for more, but it also sells faster too! According to The United States Department of Energy, homes with solar sell on average 20% faster! Houses with solar are hot right now (pun intended).

Is Solar Right For Me?

Not every home qualifies for solar, and there are a number of factors that determine if your home will be able to save money by adding a solar energy system. We take everything into account before making recommendations to make sure you are getting the best value out of a home solar energy system.

  • Size of your home
  • Current electricity usage
  • Future electricity usage changes
  • Quality and remaining life of your roof
  • Shading from nearby trees or buildings
  • Angle or steepness of your roof