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Solar net metering in Nevada is back. June 2017 was a big turnaround for the City of Lights in residential Nevada solar panels. With Bill 405, the 2015 law that sent Nevada solar market into a partial death spiral was reversed by the officials. However, the Nevada people have always found a way to survive in the sun because, just as you know, the solar panels Nevada would come up again to help local residents with powerhouses.

Over the past five years, the Solar Panel Installations has doubled (2225 MW) in Nevada. What is even more exciting, in that time, solar prices in Nevada have declined by 55%. It means that solar isn’t a gamble anymore. The use of Green Technologies Opportunity, Net metering, Federal tax credits, and other subsidies is simple for NV Energy consumers.

Nevada is the most sunlit city in America, and your life in Vegas is getting even brighter with significant cost savings. Renewable electricity pays for 100% of Nevada’s own government. Now is the time to get the power bill regulated. We have helped thousands of homes in Nevada save millions of dollars. Call Advosy energy to see what we can do for you now!


0% Down Financing

For layout, permission, and installation costs, we offer 0 dollars upfront.
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Increase Home Value

Nevada homeowners can expect an average property value increase of $25,000 by installing solar!
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Tax incentive

solar tax credits are available both at the national and local level
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Our Power Plus+ strategy puts together the highest financial features of solar ownership. As each Home’s energy needs and sun exposure is unique, learn more about your individual home’s solar costs by contacting us.


Nevada desert megacity is a flourishing hive of solar potential. Solar panel Nevada is now focused on empowering people like you to lower prices and become electricity independent.

Advosy Energy is one of the nation’s most well-respected and rapidly rising energy firms. We are among the largest Nevada solar installers, including Solar Reviews, Google, and Yelp. We work as a full-service in-house solar supplier. This ensures fast installation, usually within 1 to 2 months – and excellent customer support. We are responsible for the solar panel Nevada design, consent, infrastructure, electrical equipment, construction, and other activities.

With Advosy Energy, we will guide you to be able to take advantage of Nevada’s Renewable Generation Rebate Program, as well as the national tax credit, so that you can start your energy savings from day one. We are the first solar company in Nevada to be have programs designed around getting you the maxumum value from the sun.

Here are some of our favorite things about being in Nevada:

Nevada Supports Green Energy: You believe in the future of clean solar energy from the few other cities in America.

Nevada Calls for the Best Solar Saving: With offers of no down payment, and reliable energy production, we guarantee we can help you save bucks and electricity with Nevada solar panels like you have had never before.

Nevada Prefers Quality: From a variety of local solar panel Nevada companies, we ensure the best quality and superlative solar technology that stands out from other solutions.


Through installing effective customized Nevada solar panels, inverters, and other appliances; we make sure you save money in the long term. It’s also a great choice if you chose to move, as it adds to your home resale value.

The device is suited to your house, budget, and lifestyle. Our business uses new black-on-black solar panels that are of superior quality. It also combines with the roof. The system provides a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, a production guarantee, and a workmanship guarantee.


We continue to expand in Nevada as America’s best Nevada solar installers, so contact us and find how we can help you!

We sell solar panels Nevada in various locations, including Summerlin and Henderson, in and around Nevada. With Advosy Energy, it is time to control the energy costs in 2020. Call us, or ask for a personalized quote for free. It just takes a few minutes to see how much you can save with one of the leading solar company in Nevada. Get your own solar system and get rid of the monthly payments of your electricity bills today!

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